Population, vital statistics and migration in dolnoślaskie voivodship in 2014

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Date of publication: 07.08.2014

The Statistical Office in Wrocław is pleased to introduce the next issue of the publication, annually published, titled 'Population, vital statistics and migration in dolnoślaskie voivodship', which is a thematic study presenting basic statistical data on demographic situation of Dolnośląskie Voivodship in year 2014.
This publication shows the results of the population balance which was done as of 31 December 2014 for all the units of the administrative division of the voivodship. The balance was made taking as the basis for calculations the results of the National Population and Housing Census, 2011.
The study consists of methodological remarks, a synthetic description of results of surveys and as well as a tabular part, which forms a fundamental part of the study. In methodological notes there are sources of information used in the elaboration, explanation of results of basic definitions and indices.The synthetic description of results of surveys shows the characteristic of demographic processes in Dolnośląskie Voivodship.
At the beginning of the publication there are review tables containing selected information on the size of population, vital statistics and the order of magnitude of demographic phenomena in terms of retrospection for years 2005-2014, presenting demographic situation in voivodship against a background of Poland and other voivodships and major data on subregions. The detailed tables contain four parts presenting the following information: size and structure of population; vital statistics of population (marriages, separations, divorces, births and deaths); migrations (internal and international for permanent residence as well as basic information on population registered for temporary residence) and the results of population projection for the years 2015-2050.
Information for population of voivodship is presented by urban and rural areas as well as subregions, powiats and gminas. Selected phenomena and relations have been illustrated on charts and maps.
This study is available in its electronic version on CD-Rom and on the Office’s website http://wroclaw.stat.gov.pl

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