Statistical Yearbook of Wrocław City 2012

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Date of publication: 08.02.2013

Both thematic layout and the way of presenting data refer to former editions of the Yearbook. The publication starts with review tables displaying general information on Wrocław in years 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2011, its position in the voivodship and the country as well as among other cities – the seats of voivods and voivodship regional councils in 2011.

Detailed information concerning social changes and economy processes is presented in 20 chapters, each of them preceded by general notes explaining terminology, methodology and the scope of information used in the publication.

This is the first issue of Yearbook which presents the basic results of National Census of Population and Housing on the population (actually living) by sex, actual marital status, education and dwelling stocks.

An interesting addition to the information are graphs which present the socioeconomic phenomena taking place in Wrocław.

Survey results of public statistics as well as non-statistical sources of information have been used while compiling the publication.

By: Wrocław, selected information for the province and the provincial cities