Selected aspects of living standards of the inhabitants of Dolnoślaskie Voivodship in 2008

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Date of publication: 27.03.2014

The aim of the publication is to describe living standard and conditions of the voivodship's population based on statistical data.

Information was presented at the powiats level, and selected data also at the level of gminas as well. The analysis was supplemented by indicators for Poland. The standard of living was considered by space and time. The profile of the socio-economic phenomena refers mainly to year 2008. The selected phenomena are presented in years 2002 and 2005.

The publication consists of four chapters. In the first chapter a concept and a measurement procedure of living standard were discussed. In the second part basic demographic and economic data for the dolnośląskie voivodeship were presented. In the third chapter a living standard of powiats in dolnośląskie voivodeship was examined with reference to eight aspects: access to goods and services, level of health and health care, labour market
situation, poverty and social assistance, access and level of education, access to culture and sport, level of public safety, condition and protection of environment. In the fourth chapter comprehensive evaluation of living standard in districts of dolnośląskie voivodship was done. For each powiat a position in the ranking based on considered aspects was established, and an overall assessment of living standard was made.

The phenomena studied have been presented in indicatory depiction, which allows to assess, statistically, the intensity of selected phenomena, and to compare their spatial diversification.

Data and analysis results are presented in tabular form, as well as in charts and maps. The research results were supplemented with explanations and comments.

By: województwo, podregiony, powiaty, gminy