Housing economy in the Dolnośląskie voivodship in 2012-2014

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Date of publication: 30.11.2015

I am very pleased to present  the next edition of the publication entitled Housing economy in the Dolnośląskie voivodship in 2012-2014, the aim of which is to describe the housing conditions of the population of the voivodship divided into urban and rural areas as well as subregions, districts and municipalities by type of entity being the owner of a dwelling.

The information presented in the publication concerns the state of dwelling stocks and basic indicators characterizing housing conditions of the population, and was prepared on the basis of balances of dwelling stocks for the year 2014.

The publication also contains the results of CSO surveys including e.g. sales and return of dwellings to the former owners, arrears in dwelling charges, evictions, repairs of dwellings carried out in residential buildings in 2013, the information about housing allowances paid out to users of dwellings and effects of dwellings construction in 2012-2014.

This publication includes methodological notes as well as analytical commentary. The selected phenomena have been illustrated on charts and maps. Basic statistical data are presented in a tabular part in the MS Excel format.

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By: woivodship, selected information by subregions, powiats and gminas, form of ownership