Wroclaw and Lviv - partner cities 2015

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Date of publication: 21.01.2016

The publication "Wroclaw and Lviv - partner cities" is a publishing position prepared as a result of cooperation of the Statistical Office in Wrocław with the Central Statistical Office in the Lviv region. Its aim is to present and compare the social and economic situation of Wrocław and Lviv and show the role that these cities played in their regions and countries in 2013.
The study contains a set of basic statistical information on, among others demography, economy and living conditions in both cities. In addition to statistical data, also presented in the form of statistical portraits of Wrocław and Lviv, the history of both cities is included, which allows to capture the similarities and differences between them.
We hope that this study will prove to be an interesting source of information for both the authorities and the communities of both cities. By submitting your publication, we express our conviction that the information contained therein will be a valuable source of knowledge about the potential of partner cities - Wrocław and Lviv.