Yearbook of Nysa Euroregion 2011

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Date of publication: 27.03.2014

We are glad to present to you a publication worked out to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of starting Euroregion Nysa – the first euroregion in Central-Eastern Europe. The main objective of the publication is to provide sectional statistical information  illustrating the state of socio-economic development of Polish-Czech-German borderland  which cooperates as part of Euroregion Nysa. Additionally, the aim is to show tendencies of changes of described phenomena in years 1991-2010.
This study was made as a result of cooperation of statisticians from the Czech Sta-tistical Office – Branch in Liberec, the National Statistical Office of Saxony and the Sta-tistical Office in Wrocław, whose representatives cooperate within the working group ‘Statistics’, one of the seventeen groups operating within the structure of Euoregion Nysa.
The publication consists of two parts. The first descriptive part presents general information on Euroregion, which especially relate to its foundation, status, legal and institutional basis, objectives of functioning and the scope of activity, as well as the descriptions of working groups.
The fundamental, second part of this publication contains statistical tables, which have been preceded with methodological notes where one can find information on, i.a.  problems relating to demography, housing, medical care, labour market, industry and agriculture. Numerical data were supplemented by comments and graphical illustration in the form of graphs and charts.
It should be stressed that the very completing of the publication would not be possi-ble without good cooperation and support of secretariats of all national parts of the Euroregion, whose representatives are the authors of the descriptive part. Our special thanks go to coordinators and leaders of working groups.
We do hope that this publication will provide you with a lot of interesting and useful information on the situation at the Polish-Czech-German borderland as well as on Eu-roregion Nysa, which has been initiating and supporting transborder cooperation in this region for twenty years.

By: powiats, the countries of Euroregion