30 years of Euroregion Nysa - selected statistical information

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Date of publication: 31.12.2021
Date modified: 18.01.2022

The presented to you the publication prepared on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Euroregion Nysa - the first Euroregion created in Poland and also in Central-Eastern Europe. The aim of the publication is to provide cross-sectional statistical information illustrating the state of social development and selected economic issues in the Polish-Czech-German border area, which is involved in co-operation within the Euroregion Nysa, and to show the tendencies of changes of the described phenomena in the years 1991-2020.

The publication is a result of cooperation between statisticians from the Czech Statistical Office in Liberec, the National Statistical Office of Saxony in Kamenz and the Statistical Office in Wrocław, who form the working group "Statistics" within the structures of the Euroregion Nysa.

The main part of the publication consists of statistical tables which present information concerning, inter alia, demography, housing, medical care, unemployment and tourism. Numerical data are preceded by a commentary and supplemented with graphic illustrations in the form of cartograms and charts.

By: powiaty, części krajowe Euroregionu, Euroregion ogółem.